Testing, Testing, 1-2-3

Hello, world! I recently migrated my blog to a new server so I’m testing things out to make sure that anyone who was following me on wordpress.com is still out there. HELLOOOOOO!

I also want to let you know that I am starting a new blog… details are forthcoming as I get it together. It will be all the same goodness (or badness) that you came to expect from i-cant-drive but with a swanky new name. And starting with a clean slate is usually nice, especially considering that I CAN drive.

Hope y’all are having a great summer!

I’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling

Oh, hey there! I have no great explanation for why I went on a blogging hiatus. Life has been more good than bad. Most things have stayed the same, but there have been a few big changes and occurrences. I’ve been happy and engaged and sad and detached.

I suppose late October did mark a turning point for me. A best friend/co-worker took a job with another company. I myself accepted a job offer in another department, doing something entirely different. So it was a double whammy: my work environment and routine was shaken up and I found myself feeling like the awkward new girl who was out of her element. The good news is that I talk to and see my pal regularly. There’s still a lot of learning and challenges to face in my role, but I find it fulfilling and am glad to be meeting new people and developing new skills.

Love? Passion? Excitement? I seem to have let myself lose interest in things that I used to consume obsessively. Music, television, art, reading — I literally have a year’s worth of The New Yorker to read. I suppose I know what’s bringing me down, or who, but come on. I don’t want to be yet another asshole who blames other people for her mental issues. It’s not always easy and there are definitely people out there who have real problems, but my problems are completely selfish and I really can choose to suck it up, let it go, and stay positive.


I’ve gotten annoyed, I’ve let myself get my hopes up, I’ve had extremely stressful moments and hugely embarrassing moments, and my heart has been broken. I’m confused, I feel stuck, and I’m scared.

Ugh. I could get into all my “problems,” but I’ll spare you for now. After being quite depressed last week and getting an awesome pep talk/reality check from Jen, I’m slowly snapping out of it and finding the happy again. Time is passing and life is going on and I gotta grow up. As much pride as I take in enjoying the “real” world, the internet is playing a huge role in motivating and inspiring me. Thank you, funny people of Twitter and committed bloggers! Thank you, Pinterest! And thank you, loyal friends, who are always there to support me while also being real and calling me out on my shit attitude. You guys are the best.

I definitely hope to post more as I get my groove back. I did lose that lovin’ feeling for awhile, but I’m getting it back. Smiles all around!

Hart of Dixie is My Guilty Pleasure

Hart of Dixie, which currently airs on Monday nights on The CW, is appointment television.

Yes. I’m serious. And now I’m going to tell you why I love it.


Rachel Bilson. Scott Porter. Josh Schwartz. I was a fan of The OC and especially loved Summer Roberts, the character played by Rachel Bilson. She was a little firecracker and had all the best one-liners. I’m interested in watching just about anything that Rachel Bilson is in, and a lot of that is due to the fact that she and I have the same shoe size (5.5). Scott Porter is another actor whom I would watch in just about anything. I, of course, became a fan after watching his portrayal of Jason Street on the much missed Friday Night Lights. And then there’s Josh Schwartz, who isn’t a cast member but a producer of Hart of Dixie. Along with The O.C., Schwartz created Chuck (one of my absolute favorites). I tend to give any project of his a shot as well.

Bluebell. Hart of Dixie takes place in the small town of Bluebell, Alabama, This is one of those shows where the town is a character all its own and the townspeople are seriously quirky and delightful. In Bluebell, there are flash mobs, one man four hour plays, Planksgiving instead of Thanksgiving, and an alligator named Burt Reynolds. Because it takes place in the South, there’s that added charm as well as a lot of diversity. Bluebell fills the void left by absence of Stars Hollow, the town that the Gilmore Girls lived in. I’ll go as far as to say that Bluebell is a lot more charming and fun than Stars Hollow (read: diversity).

Hot People. Just about everyone on this show is super attractive. Example #1 (Wilson Bethel):


Example #2 (Jaime King):


Ugh! They’re so hot and pretty that I can’t stand it. So, let’s move on.

The Fashion. I love, love, love the fashion on this show. It’s so deliberate and well done and true to each character. Zoe Hart, played by Rachel Bilson, hails from NYC, so her fashion sense is very contemporary, sometimes risky, and classy. Colors tend to be dark or neutral. Furthermore, Bilson is petite — this rocks my world. It’s kind of inspiring to see great clothes worn well on someone whose height and frame resemble mine (if only I could lose like 20 pounds). Then, you have the character of Lemon, played by Jaime King. Lemon is very bright, feminine, classic Southern, while also being very sexy and flattering. I’d love to have any of the clothes worn by any of the women on this show. I find myself Googling “zoe hart wardrobe” or “lemon breeland fashion” every once in awhile. Want visual aids? Watch the show!

The Premise. I probably should have written about this first, but I obviously just love what the show is about. The characters are around the same age as I am. They’re trying to figure things out. They’re dealing with relationships and growing up. None of them are on the path that they expected to be on, and they’re learning how to deal with that change. So, I can relate. I mean, I didn’t move to a small town from NYC, I’m not a doctor, I was never engaged, I have a nice job and a supportive family… but I’ve grown to care about these characters and their successes and failures. I definitely find myself rooting for them.

It’s not complicated, it’s not twisted, it’s not exactly Emmy-worthy material.. but Hart of Dixie is damn entertaining. I actually look forward to spending my Monday nights watching it. Give it a shot!

Hart of Dixie airs Monday nights at 9/8c on The CW.



Parties and Painting

I painted tonight. I just started painting and let the my hands do their thing. Phase 1:

photo (43)

My niece’s birthday was last Sunday and her birthday party was yesterday. My sister threw her a luau-themed party. I’m glad to say that I survived a party with 17 little girls. Little girls are crazy! Thankfully, much of the party was spent learning how to Hawaiian dance.


Everyone got a grass skirt, lei, and a little flower for their hair. And I think everyone had fun, especially my niece. Oh, wait. she did cry at one point because the girls started fighting about where they were all going to sit. Little girls… they’re crazy.

Okay, finished painting:

photo (42)

I’m pretty happy with this. Now it’s time to enjoy my last few weekend hours before it’s back to business tomorrow.

Month of Blogging: Achievement Unlocked!

Lame Bathroom SelfieI did it. I did it! I had a goal of blogging every day this month and I actually did it. (Lame bathroom selfie included with this post as a bonus!) Sure, some posts were filler; things I posted because I needed to post something. But every post took time and effort and was rooted in whatever I was feeling at that moment.

I also posted some revealing things. I’m a little embarrassed, but I have no regrets. It’s me, it’s real… we are all kind of crazy in our own way and there’s something liberating about baring my soul to strangers and lurkers. I worry that people who know me will judge me, see me in a less favorable light, or even decide they no longer want to hang out with me. I guess that’s a choice they’ll have to make for themselves. We all have guilty pleasures, emotional pain that we keep inside, insane and impulsive tirades where we blast people who reject or annoy us. It was nice to share that burden and craziness this past month.

My most valuable takeaway from this month of blogging is this: I have something to say. I spent a lot of time NOT blogging because I felt like I didn’t have anything worthwhile to say. Okay, so maybe posting a Wham! video isn’t exactly “something,” but it was the result of me taking a moment to reflect on my life: everything that is happening to me and around me, and everything that I dream and wonder about. I won’t necessarily label myself as an introspective person, but one of my closest and smartest friends told me that it’s one of my best assets. It was good to exercise that muscle again.

Moving forward, I don’t plan to blog every day. I find great satisfaction in knowing that I accomplished this goal — and it wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be. I’ll be around and I hope you’ll all stick with me.

Happy End of September!

P.S. How about that Breaking Bad finale? OMG BEST SHOW EVER

photo (40)

Happy 8th Birthday, Jocelyn!

Time to make Jocie’s annual birthday playlist. It’s a thing I do… every year for my niece’s birthdays, I burn a CD with the Top 10 songs (per Billboard) and then stick it in a box that I’ll give to them when they’re older. Why? Because I think it’s fun. And so, here are the songs that will be on Jocie’s 8th birthday playlist.

1) Wrecking Ball | Miley Cyrus

2) Roar | Katy Perry

3) Royals | Lorde

4) Wake Me Up! | Avicii

5) Blurred Lines | Robin Thicke featuring T.I. & Pharrell

6) Holy Grail | Jay Z featuring Justin Timberlake

7) Hold On, We’re Going Home | Drake Featuring Majid Jordanf

8) Applause | Lady Gaga

9) Summertime Sadness | Lana Del Rey & Cedric Gervais

10) Safe and Sound | Capital Cities

Happy 8th Birthday, Jocelyn! Love you.

photo (39)

This photo is a lie.


I am not a happy camper right now.

Tomorrow will be a crazy day – good crazy – so I hope this funk goes away overnight.

10am brunch in the suburbs to celebrate my niece’s birthday

1pm bowling in the city

6pm Breaking Bad Finale dinner and viewing party at Joelen’s who lives in, let’s face it, bufu* (view party favors here)

Gah! I’m excited but totally unprepared. And even though I took a substantial nap today, I’m tired and just want to go to bed.

*bufu is short for bumblefuck, but you really should already know that.

Because sometimes your brain wants to give you a little present

I don’t know if it was something I ate or something I saw right before bed (I was watching Greek), but I had a really vivid dream last night. It starred this guy:


Listen. Armie Hammer is one fine dude. I’m not blind, so I know that for a fact. Am I into him? Meh. I definitely appreciate his beauty and I also read an article about him that made me appreciate his personality. But I’m not all OMG Armie Hammer I wanna have your babies! In fact, I was really disturbed by the presence of two Armie Hammers in The Social Network. Anyway, I would never have a chance with a guy as pretty as he is…. right?

Looks are definitely not everything, but one of the reasons I’m averse to online dating sites is because I am very, very quick to judge people by their looks. And that is so idiotic. I mean, I seriously get mad at myself for dismissing someone because of their looks because I think it would be unfair for someone to judge me based on my looks alone. On the other hand, it’s infuriating when I find myself chasing a guy who is pretty… and not much else. I guess I’m just kinda lonely. My emotions have been all over the place. My hopes have been high and then really, really low. I’ve been angry and I’ve been elated. But I’m still lonely.

Great. That was an embarrassing confession. Here’s another embarrassing confession: my Armie Hammer dream made me realize that I’ve forgotten what kisses taste like. Ew, I’m so sad and gross right now! But it’s true. I was lucid during this crazy dream and wondering, “WHY am I making out with Armie Hammer in my dream? And why is he only wearing his underwear? Oh my god, why am *I* only wearing my underwear?” And then bad guys busted in with guns and suddenly we were both fully dressed and armed with serious weapons and protecting innocent people from the bad guys.

Weird dream, for sure. But nice and fun and, instead of making me annoyed and lonely, it made me kind of giddy and hopeful. It was like practice. Target practice. And making out practice. Whatever. Sometimes your brain just wants to give you a present. Thank you, brain. And thank you, Armie Hammer.